Indian Ocean Defence Security
24-26 JULY 2024,
Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre (PCEC)


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Meetings between visiting delegations and exhibiting companies provide opportunities to explore new markets and innovations, meet potential investors and gain valuable insight and connections at both international and domestic levels.

To facilitate the interaction of Exhibitors and Delegations during Indian Ocean Defence & Security (IODS) 2024, a Delegation Management Program (DMP) will be available.

IODS 2024 organisers, Defence West and AMDA Foundation Limited, identify VIPs and Delegations as high-level decision makers or subject matter experts.

Delegations at IODS 2024 will span invited military guests (domestic and international) as well as representatives from industry bodies, academic institutions, diplomatic agencies, Federal and State Governments and government organisations and other relevant parties from the defence domains.

The Delegations Management Program has been designed to meet the following objectives:

  • To formally identify Delegations at IODS 2024.
  • To provide a unique opportunity for IODS 2024 Exhibitors to approach Delegations for business-to-business discussions.
  • To capture and provide specific discussion details to Delegations prior to the event and allow for pre-meeting preparation.
  • To provide advance notice to assist IODS 2024 Delegations and Exhibitors in optimising their IODS 2024 experience.
  • To provide an ad hoc meeting area within the IODS 2024 Executive Lounge.
  • To offer a secure platform for Exhibitors to reach out to Delegations and submit details regarding the purpose of their meeting request.
  • To allow Delegations to retain a degree of anonymity and the flexibility to respond to meeting requests from exhibitors only if they are of interest.

IODS 2024 Exhibitors have access to the DMP via their Exhibitor Portal Login and are briefed on the following specifics:

  • Exhibitors are encouraged to provide as much detail as possible on the intended discussion topic when submitting a request to meet with a Delegation.
  • That any response to a meeting request from the Exhibitor is at the discretion of the Delegation.
  • That a Delegation may not respond to the Exhibitor’s request.
  • That the scheduling and logistics of a confirmed meeting will be via the Delegation direct to the Exhibitor details provided as part of the meeting request.
  • That the DMP is designed to function holistically with other methods of business-to-business engagement at IODS 2024 and assumes that Exhibitors and Delegations will approach interested parties via other means available to them (eg. via existing relationships and connections within their own organisation, walk-past conversations on the exhibition floor or impromptu discussions at networking functions etc).

The IODS 2024 Delegation Management Program will open Monday 1 July 2024 and will strictly close 1700 AEST Friday 12 July 2024.

For further information on the Delegation Management Program or to attend IODS 2024 as a Delegation, please contact:

IODS 2024 Delegations Team